External Definitions

This document covers file-scope declarations and definitions of objects and functions. All file-scope declarations have static storage, see Glossary? for explanation of terminology. We use the following abbreviations:

  T - type
  To - object type
  Tf - function type
  Tv - void type

Declarations, tentative definitions (C99 6.9.2 / 2) and definitions

A declaration introduce a identifier and associates it with a kind and type. An external definition does the same, but also requests to allocate storage for an object, or generate code for a function.

A tentative definition will either be interpreted as a external declaration or definition, depending on the file scope context. A tentative definition is of the form static? To name; , i.e. an object declaration without initializer. If the tentative definition is the last tentative definition and there are no external definitions for that object, then it is an external definition, with an implicit initializer ( static? To name = (To) 0; ). Otherwise, it is a declaration. Tentative definitions with internal linkage may not have incomplete type.

Syntactic Forms

On the top level, the semantics of declarations and definitions is given as follows:

To name;            /* tentative _definition_ of an object of type T with external linkage  */
Tf name;            /* prototype _declaration_ of a function with external linkage*/
static To name;     /* tentative definition of an object of type T with internal linkage  */
static Tf name;     /* prototype _declaration_ of a function with internal linkage */
extern To name = I; /* _definition_ of an object with external linkage (6.9.2 / 1) */
extern T name;      /* not OBJ_NAME_IN_SCOPE(name): declaration of an object/function with external linkage */
extern T name;      /* OBJ_NAME_IN_SCOPE(name): declaration which refers to the previously declared entity */

Tf f { ... }        /* definition of a function with external linkage */
static Tf f { ... } /* definition of a function with internal linkage */
extern Tf f { ... } /* definition of a function with either external linkage or with the linkage of previous declaration */

/* ERROR */ (register|auto) T name;


1) At most one external definition of an identifier with internal linkage.

2) Exactly one external definition of an idenitifer used

(references in compile-time constants (sizeof) do not count as usage)

3) Exactly one definition of an identifier used in the entire program.

4) The declarator of a function definition has to have function type and may not return an array type.

5) The only storage specifiers allowed for function definitions are extern or static.

6) Parameters may only have the storage specifier register.

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